Limos of the Stars

Some celebrities only ride in a limo to a red-carpet event, while others seemingly live in one. Below are just some extravagant examples of lavish custom whips celebrities can enjoy.


When you combine Elvis’ style with the creator of the Batmobile from the 1960’s TV show, you get an incredible creation. The dazzling white pearl finish is the result of 40 coats of paint, while everything else, including the hubcaps, was a modest 24K gold finish.

Then the interior would make any commute relaxing. In addition to a tape player, record player, TV, and other entertainment items, you would find an all-gold shoe buffer built into the floor.

John Lennon

Lennon may have asked others to imagine no possessions, and yet, his Rolls Royce Phantom 5 says otherwise. Not only was this the pinnacle of luxury vehicles in his time, but he had a custom paint job that likely has never gotten copied.

Equal parts Romany-inspired and psychedelic, this limo was a yellow submarine on wheels. Unfortunately, not everyone liked the patterns, and a woman allegedly attacked the car with her umbrella in disgust.


What better way to unwind from filming Purple Rain than a friendly ride around in Prince’s limo? Costar Apollonia said that the two enjoyed a long drive in a purple limousine owned by the artist.

Other than reports of the mysterious artist having a fantastic sound system, not much else remains known about the vehicle. One can assume that the color scheme continued throughout the interior.

Floyd Mayweather

The flashiest man in boxing has a garage chock full of vehicles. Among them is a customized Phantom limo.

Outside, Mayweather advertises his brand with TMT (The Money Team) stickers. Inside, however, is more relaxing with a champagne bar and starlight lighting.