The Perfect Date

There’s nothing more exciting than a surprise romantic evening in a West Palm Beach limo service with your lover and the culmination of the best-laid plans.

We oftentimes get so caught up in all the other functions of a great limousine service, like renting a limo for the big game with your buddies, or a simple pickup at the airport or seaport, that we often overlook the best use of a good limousine service is the romantic night out with your significant other due to some really good planning on your part.

Many limousine services have their cars reserved on the weekends, but they are begging for you to call on them for that Monday night, or weekday excursion to get their vehicles out on the road instead of sitting idly by on their parking lot. The greatest benefit to you is that you can ask for a deal from any limo service when you tell them you’re planning a surprise date night with your spouse or lover and many of them will give you a free hour or a discounted rate.

So here’s your list of things to do (especially if your a guy because we know you’re too lazy)

  1. Check for local concerts, events or outings you’d both enjoy
  2. Discreetly make sure they are free that day
  3. Check local restaurants for reservations
  4. Pick a date that you want to surprise her (him)
  5. Ask friends or Facebook for a good limo service
  6. Research the website of 5-7 local limo service providers
  7. Check Groupon for any weekday deals on limos
  8. Check the reviews of your top 3 choices
  9. Call and tell them your plan and ask for a deal
  10. Secure the service that gives the best deal for the date you want
  11. Coordinate pick-up and drop off times
  12. Provide the limo service with a schedule
  13. Get some flowers the day of the event along with her (his) favorite beverage/glass

By doing all the steps above, you eliminate the driver from have to ask you over and over as to what the next stop is or interrupting your best evening. A professional limo driver knows how to interact with his clients in a way that is not uncomfortable and knows to stick to the schedule to minimize any interaction.

It has never been more true that it’s “the thought that counts” and taking these simple steps will set up a great evening. From the initial surprise when the limo rolls up, the flowers inside the limo, to the slow romantic drive to your favorite restaurant while enjoying your favorite beverages in your favorite glass, then enjoying a dinner (without worrying about time or having to park or drive), to a show, concert or local event without a care in the world, this is the benefit of using a limo service.

Make a stop on your way home for a nightcap or a dessert and make it a perfect evening. Again, limo services WANT to get their cars out during the week to stretch their legs. Limo services are waiting for your call.

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Limos of the Stars

Some celebrities only ride in a limo to a red-carpet event, while others seemingly live in one. Below are just some extravagant examples of lavish custom whips celebrities can enjoy.


When you combine Elvis’ style with the creator of the Batmobile from the 1960’s TV show, you get an incredible creation. The dazzling white pearl finish is the result of 40 coats of paint, while everything else, including the hubcaps, was a modest 24K gold finish.

Then the interior would make any commute relaxing. In addition to a tape player, record player, TV, and other entertainment items, you would find an all-gold shoe buffer built into the floor.

John Lennon

Lennon may have asked others to imagine no possessions, and yet, his Rolls Royce Phantom 5 says otherwise. Not only was this the pinnacle of luxury vehicles in his time, but he had a custom paint job that likely has never gotten copied.

Equal parts Romany-inspired and psychedelic, this limo was a yellow submarine on wheels. Unfortunately, not everyone liked the patterns, and a woman allegedly attacked the car with her umbrella in disgust.


What better way to unwind from filming Purple Rain than a friendly ride around in Prince’s limo? Costar Apollonia said that the two enjoyed a long drive in a purple limousine owned by the artist.

Other than reports of the mysterious artist having a fantastic sound system, not much else remains known about the vehicle. One can assume that the color scheme continued throughout the interior.

Floyd Mayweather

The flashiest man in boxing has a garage chock full of vehicles. Among them is a customized Phantom limo.

Outside, Mayweather advertises his brand with TMT (The Money Team) stickers. Inside, however, is more relaxing with a champagne bar and starlight lighting.


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How To Find The Best Limo Service

Every city has a limo provider and many has multiple choices for you to look through and research. But how do you find the best limo service near you and insure you don’t get taken advantage of.

We thought we’d write a quick blog post on ways to research limo services and questions to ask before you hand over your hard earned money.

For starters,  we recommend the basics in terms of research. The go to places like:

  • Facebook (ask for a recommendation)
  • Yelp
  • Local friends
  • Co-workers
  • Who do the pro sports teams use?
  • Reviews (look for recent, the most, the sentiment and the best star rating)
  • Google

Beyond the basics, it’s important to also know what questions to ask. Here are just a few of the ones we would start with:

  • “Can we come by and see the vehicle we want?”
  • “What deposit is required?”
  • “What is the cancellation policy?”
  • “What if your driver is late or doesn’t show up at all. What recourse do we have?”
  • “What are our options if the car breaks down?”
  • “Do your drivers know their way around?”
  • “Do you offer a discount for multiple hours or a free hour?”
  • “How new are your cars?”
  • “What type of insurance coverage do you carry?”

These are just a few questions and you may be able to come up with some of your own. Many limo services are great service providers but, to be honest, there are many unscrupulous owners and providers that hope you are an unsuspecting consumer.

If they allow you to come by and see their cars, that’s a good sign. If not, it may be a red flag. They may promise you one car and then provide another. Their drivers may not be trained on how to handle clients and be on time or know their way around; especially in traffic.

In addition, the provider may be booked on your night and if your car has issues and breaks down, you may be stuck with a cab or an Uber. As we mentioned above, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or a free hour if you book four hours. Tell them you are shopping around and if they want your business right now, you will commit if they offer a deal.

Lastly, inquire about their insurance if there were to be an accident and you or a loved one were injured while in their care. What type of protection do you have?

Do your research. Ask around and don’t be afraid to stand your ground. You’ll be glad you did!

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The driver will pick you up at the previously fixed point when you book the limousine, and after making the necessary photos, you will be taken through the most typical and busy streets of the center of Madrid to the restaurant or disco depending on the route you hire.

Depending on your preferences, you can request that the limousine transfer you from the restaurant to the disco, a walk of approximately 20 minutes (the cheapest option) or a 1-hour journey through the city where the cava will be included ( See Packs ). Both routes are available in both Hummer and Lincoln, although we must take into account the size limitations of the vehicles when accessing the same streets like a regular car.

It is also doable to hire a private striptease show in the limousine, although this service is not included in the price. In MisT-Tas we have several of the best stripers in Madrid and also dwarves if you want to play a joke on the groom.


In the USA, it is possible to hire two types of limousines: Hummer and Lincoln, both of 8 seats. The first is somewhat more expensive but also has more space although the Lincoln limousine, although slightly less spectacular is equally comfortable and has the same positions and amenities inside.


These vehicles did not emerge overnight, but with time they progressed and improved. It is in 1954 when the first limousine is manufactured using a Lincoln Continental vehicle. The results were positive given that it became an accurate record of great cars.

In principle, only wealthy people with power could acquire them. They used them to move when they had to make official visits. But nowadays, anyone can access them and use them in the celebration of different events.

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By its shape and capacity, we can distinguish two types of limousines: Hummer and Lincoln. These are its main characteristics:


With its 12 meters long and 2.5 meters, wide Hummer limousines are an example of luxury and debauchery. They are available in striking colors: pink, black and white and all come fully equipped, that is, when you enter you will see a minibar, lights and even a bar to serve the glasses. Therefore, they are equipped with everything necessary to organize a unique bachelor party.

The latest technology will take over your sight with LED  and DVD lights. Also, you will be delighted with the internal part of the vehicle since it is impeccable. His extensive and above all cozy leather armchairs will make you never want to get out. In the same way, other details are added that will allow you to perceive unexplainable sensations.

The size of this type of limousine is enough for eight people, without incorporating the driver, to feel comfortable. The room is quite spacious, so surely both you and your group will forget that you ride on wheels.

Another advantage of these vehicles is that you will not have to worry about the musical genre since you can place your music. In this way, you will personalize the trip at your leisure listening to your favorite themes or those of your friends

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