Hummer Limousines


By its shape and capacity, we can distinguish two types of limousines: Hummer and Lincoln. These are its main characteristics:


With its 12 meters long and 2.5 meters, wide Hummer limousines are an example of luxury and debauchery. They are available in striking colors: pink, black and white and all come fully equipped, that is, when you enter you will see a minibar, lights and even a bar to serve the glasses. Therefore, they are equipped with everything necessary to organize a unique bachelor party.

The latest technology will take over your sight with LED  and DVD lights. Also, you will be delighted with the internal part of the vehicle since it is impeccable. His extensive and above all cozy leather armchairs will make you never want to get out. In the same way, other details are added that will allow you to perceive unexplainable sensations.

The size of this type of limousine is enough for eight people, without incorporating the driver, to feel comfortable. The room is quite spacious, so surely both you and your group will forget that you ride on wheels.

Another advantage of these vehicles is that you will not have to worry about the musical genre since you can place your music. In this way, you will personalize the trip at your leisure listening to your favorite themes or those of your friends

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